We do NOT support IRL
Drug usage! We do not allow
ages 14- on this website!


Gangs, Guns, Drugs, and more!

SERVER CANCELLED AND GIVEN AWAY!    Sorry to those who actually liked it; i may make a The Walking Dead RPG Server!
Server taking TEMPORARY new ownership!

The server is taking temporary new ownership by 147528. I am currently moving for 2 or so weeks and so i will have limited or no access to internet. Which means i will not be able to do anything on the website or server unless i find a way to access the internet another way. I should be back around the beggining of june all ready to come back. So any concrens that would go to owner, are now being handled by the co-owner 147528.   Any questions can be asked in the general anouncements area of the forums

Tady1, Owner

Server Under Construction!

The server is currently whitelisted for construction. We currently have the server whitelisted because we are working on alot of regioning to allow pvp in the streets of spawn and to fix the player shops, and the limits of who can enter certain areas. Example: Police station, Druggy shop.   We will probably be open on May 2nd with all the new features! Please be patient for this proccess and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the forums!

Tady1, Owner
New website!

Welcome to our new website for MC-Drugs! We have now changed out server name due to someone taking the one we were using and so i could not get it back. Now we have this as our website!  Please re-register on this website and enjoy the new perks added to it!   Sorry for the inconvenience

Tady1, Owner